Fifth Season Suplex Straps


Fifth Season Suplex Straps take a few days to make.  We can't keep up with demand quite yet, but if you order one, it'll ship in about 5 days.  It's a bit of a wait, but for a strap designed to last 25 years, it's not long at all.  Just depends on how you think about it.

Dang.  If you are not listening to Karp right now, you are wasting precious earthly moments.   

I don't know where you can buy that album, maybe discogs for 1,402,010 dollars.  But if you buy it and send it to me in LP format, I'll send you 2 free Suplex straps.  

Back to the actual strap here.  It's hemp webbing, which is strong and ages well.  It'll fade, turn grey and brownish with age, but it won't get brittle like a nylon strap will.  The buckle is enameled steel, with teeth that bite into the webbing.  No slipping.  Very strong spring.  Not fancy.  This strap is about strapping stuff down, not winning the fashion awards for best looking strap.  If you care about things like longevity, where things are made, how they are made, end of lifecycle (ie does it break down in a compost pile or will it be there for 600 years?) then this is your strap.  Made in Vermont by a gal named Ariel who also rides a Tanglefoot.

You can throw it in the compost pile in 40 years, but probably won't have to.  Typical lifespan of a Voile strap is sub 5 years.  Cause of death: dry rot.  Hemp webbing does not dry out and crack like rubbery plastics do, and it will not be landfill fodder as a result. This Suplex strap is the smallest strap Fifth Season makes, at 15".  It uses 1/2" webbing.  

One of those pics show the two other Lockdown straps for scale.  The Suplex is for smaller loads: tubes, donut boxes, crowlers.  


Shipping Information

Our on-line store is open 24/7 and we ship Monday through Friday, excluding some holidays. Orders received for products without shipping restrictions on its product page will ship the same business day when received before 12:00 p.m. PST. Orders in high demand will have an estimated production time listed on its product page and will ship according to the date listed.

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