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Fairweather Weird Top Tube Bag



Fairweather makes this top tube bag / frame bag in a fun wonky pizza slice shape.  Look, don’t judge because I can’t make a round crust.  That doesn’t make the crust bad, it’s just not round.  

The Fairweather bag is for one of two things.  Or 3 things.  Let’s not count, it’s not my strong suit.  I’m not Count Chocula.  It’s ideal for sloping top tube frames, where there is barely any head tube between the top tube and down tube.  I can’t remember the second thing.  The third thing is it’s ideal for people who like triangles more than parallelograms.  

You can put things in there, guestimating here, but it would probably fit 189 unshelled peanuts.  A pair of size 11 powder blue hush puppies.  Not at the same time as the peanuts.  Don’t wanna get grease on that suede.

Waterproof zipper, velcro and quick buckle thing attachments.  On and off the bike in less time than it takes to recite The Wife of Bath’s Prologue.  

Made out of waterproof fabric, but no seam sealing, so in a deluge, this will wet out.   That’s ok, just stick things in waterproof stuff sacks or zip lock bags, that can’t get wet.