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Fairweather Triangle Bag



The Fairweather Triangle Frame Bag can be mounted 1 of 3 places.  Very versatile.  A mounting spot for every side.  Well.  Every side except the sides.  Nevermind.  You can stick this at the headtube / downtube / top tube junction, or the BB, Downtube / Seat Tube junction, or the Seat Stay, Top Tube and Seat Tube Junction.  Technically it’s designed to mount down near the bottom bracket, so you can add the Fairweather top tube bag on top of it.  Modular, very hip, very mid century.  

The triangle frame bag, if mounted low, is the perfect place for heavy things.  Lead ingots to flavor your wine, 10 penny nails, 20 tins of herring.  Lower that center of gravity and so on.

Waterproof zippers and fabric, but the seams are not taped.  So you are ok in a light rain, but don’t go throwing in the river and expect to pull it out in 3 miles and have your red velvet donuts stay dry.  Not happening.

Made in Japan by master craftsfolk.