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Fairweather Mini Saddle Bag



Generally, saddle bags suffer from bad design.  They’re a pain to open, or ugly as heck, or sag, or sway, fall open, or fall apart.  I gotta say, 95% of saddle bags fit into one of these categories.  I can’t say the Fairweather bag is pretty, but it’s functional looking, and that’s good enough, because the bag hits all of the other marks.  It’s easy to mount, easy to open and close, it’s a smart size, it’s light, pretty close to perfect.  The size is the best part about  it.  Not big enough to bike pack with, but perfect for any longish ride.  It will swallow your tools, a tube, a light jacket, food, wallet and phone.  It doesn’t sway around much.  Not enough to notice.  Truly, my current favorite mid sized saddle bag.  

Waterproof fabric but the seams are not taped, which means it will wet out in a downpour.  Put your phone in a ziplock.  It’ll be fine.

Made in Japan