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Fairweather Large Saddle Bag



When you go bike packing, do you bring a nerf ball, 12 tennis balls, and an inflatable pool raft?  If so, this is the bag for you.  You can fit other stuff too, I guess, but make sure you don’t forget the essentials.  

Basically this Fairweather bag is a copy of all the other bike packing saddle bags out there.  What makes it a bit different?  Well, I guess two things.  Maybe 3.  One:  there’s a small pocket on top of the bag, for a wallet, or your keys, or your potent potables.  You can access it without opening the bag.  That’s nice.  2.  It comes in nicer colors than most bags.  Coyote tan? Sign me up.  3.  It’s made in Japan.  

Like most bike packing bags, it favors heavier stuff stuffed in first, and lighter bulkier stuff last.  Stable enough for pretty tech riding.  Water resistant, in that the fabric is waterproof, but the seams are not taped, so it will eventually wet out in a tropical storm.  That’s what dry bags are for. 

If you buy this bag for trips but also want to use it for your day bag/don't want to buy two bags or are worried this will be too big for 90% of your needs, fear not! Friend Caitrin learned us how to fix that. Roll the bag up really small and rather than clipping in the buckles to their counterpart on the same side, clip them into the opposite sides clip. Criss cross (applesauce) the buckles, and it looks just like a much smaller bag, one of the product photos shows this.