Analog Cerakoted King Cage Stainless Steel Bottle Cage

Color:Matte Black
Mounting Tabs:Standard

Ladies and gentlemen, let me paint a picture of exceptional American craftsperonship, a tale of practicality and aesthetic appeal intertwined like the mouths two people with braces making out in the back of a minivan. Behold, a creation designed for the adventurous souls who seek a reliable companion on their two-wheeled endeavors. With a touch of elegance and a feather-light demeanor, this exquisite contraption shall captivate your senses and sensibilities. 

In the realm of stainless steel bottle cages, a remarkable feature unfolds before our eye units. Unlike their aluminum counterparts, these majestic metallic mandibles possess an inherent gentleness, refusing to leave a mark upon the cherished vessel they cradle. Furthermore, they spare no expense in their visual presentation, for they do not succumb to the unsightly visage that befalls plastic or carbon cages, which resemble naught but detestable refuse.  

But there's more, my dear friends! Should fate deal a cruel blow and misfortune befall your precious stainless steel cage in a calamitous crash, fear not! For its malleable nature allows you to reshape it, restoring its former glory and unwavering purpose. Verily, it is a testament to resilience and resourcefulness.

Now, let us delve into the realm of utmost gripping prowess. Should your heart desire the pinnacle of securing might, cast your eyes upon the King Titanium cage, a true marvel in its unyielding rigidity. With an expanded surface area, it commands a vice-like grip upon your cherished water vessel, leaving no room for doubt or compromise. This, my dear companions, is the epitome of bottle cage magnificence.

But tread we now onto the path of touring and gravel bikes, where steel assumes its righteous throne. In these domains of unpredictable terrains and extended voyages, steel rises to the occasion, providing the sturdy fortitude required for your intrepid journeys. And yet, for the realm of mountain bikes, a different crown shall be bestowed. Titanium, the resplendent monarch of metals, takes its rightful place, for it possesses the innate ability to withstand the unforgiving trails that lie in wait. Verily, it is a choice made easy, tailored to the demands of each noble steed.

Finally, dear kindred spirits, let us spare a thought for frames with diminutive triangles, those humble squishy bikes that grace our midst. It is to these frames that the enchantment of drop cages is most befitting. Embracing the essence of convenience and functionality, they become the perfect companions to these wondrous machines, fitting seamlessly within the constraints of their modest proportions.

Thus, my dear compatriots, I beseech you to embrace the essence of this poetic discourse. Let the wisdom of these words guide your choices, as you embark upon your cycling endeavors with grace, confidence, and an indomitable spirit. For within the realms of cycling, where metal and purpose entwine, true excellence awaits those who dare to seize it.

The tabs on the drop cages are about an inch higher up on the back of the cage which effectively drops the cage an inch.

Note:  We keep a smattering of these cages in stock in fun colors.  However, there are too many colors to keep a depth of any one color.  So if you want a specific color that is out of stock, rad, we'll have it done for you.  Just shoot us an email!

Don't see an image of the color you are after?  Fear not, we have samples of all the colors here:

Purple / Pink / Bark Brown Swamp Green Matte Black / Robin's Egg Blue / Teal / Harvest Yellow / Blaze Orange

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