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Analog Turkey Vulture Sticker


Because you need a new sticker. Ben Franklin thought that the Turkey Vulture should have been the US bird, not the Eagle. When SRAM came out with Eagle, a 500% gear range mountain bike drivetrain, we came out with a Ben approved drivetrain: Analog’s Turkey Vulture. Subvert that paradigm, thumb your nose at the norm, and smack one of these stickers on your buddy’s Yakima rack when he’s off putting air into his rear shock.

Designed by @dustinfritz, go give him a follow, awesome bike theme’d illustrations. Plus he rides a Crust!

Technical specs: This here sticker is 5 x 5, perfect for your mini van’s back window. It’s outdoor safe for a few years, then it will burst into flames. Not really, it just will look like an old sticker.