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SRAM Rival 1 Rear Derailleur Long Cage

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The Rival 1 long cage rear mech is the only 11 speed rear mech you need if you are running drop bars and a 1x drivetrain. It’ll shift thru an 11-50 cassette without issue. It has a nice friction clutch in it. That means the derailleur cage won’t bounce all over the place when you are bouncing all over the place. This is the derailleur to use in a bounce house.

Other things we like about the Rival mech: it’s silvery, it has a built in barrel adjuster, it’s semi affordable. Things we don’t like about it: Nothing! It’s great. Candice, Mark (our first employee!) and me (James) ride it on our bikes. We don’t ride that Force non-sense, or the barely cheaper Apex. We use this middle of the road derailleur. You should too, unless you have derailleur envy, then get the Force derailleur, so you can brag to your friends about how you pointlessly spent 100 bucks more on a derailleur. They’ll respect you and love you for it.

This here derailleur is for 11 speed SRAM road shifters. It’s for 1x systems only. It’s strong enough to use off road. It’s mostly metal.

With any 11 speed system, we recommend at least using Jagwire Pro cables and brass ferrules for smooth, deeply satisfying, shifting.