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VLC front rocket rack

Out Of Stock

VLC is the parts and accessories line of Veloci Cycles. VeLoCi, see? Very clever.

This rack is designed for Demi Porteur bags, whatever those are, or just strapping a bunch of shit down with some Voile straps. You could also, if you are a commuter in or near the arctic circle, put a Wald 139 & bag on there, and carry large amounts of off-brand teriyaki flavored Spam (Spume Brand, made with genuine ocean froth) to the trading company. Look, you just live your life, ok? No judgement here.

What makes a good rack? Well generally, but not always, it should be steel. This VLC Rocket Rack is uber-steel, aka stainless steel, the same surface that they prep and weigh budget cuts of meat at Subway, so you know it’s good. Tig-welded. The rack flat packs, but it’s a very rigid flat packed rack, most flat pack racks are kinda flimsy/flexy with undecided bolts holding everything together. Not so in this case. Two light mount points, one in the center front and one on the side. Adjustable height, for various sized wheels. You can even set it up for boost wheels without any trouble. I can attest that this rack can hold 9 rolls of film, two loaves of bread, 4 jackets from chronic over dressers, a camera, a phone, a jar of jam, 3 large hunks of cheese, and it won’t flinch, even on singletrack.

If you need a big rack, get this rack. It’s too big technically for a Wald 137, but you could stick one on there, just know that the front of the rack will protrude a bit.

Whence camping, just strap dry bags to it and accept that the ‘cool kids’ who are also usually the ‘insecure kids’ will mock your lack of a demi Porteur bag. This is why we evolved to have a middle finger.