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Sunrace 11-50 11-Speed Cassette

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Sunrace used to be synonymous with crappy parts on Walmart bikes. I’m sure they still make those parts, but they also make some really nice cassettes now. As nice or nicer than mid priced Shimano or SRAM stuff. Plus, they are more willing to fill holes in the market. This cassette let’s you use a standard mountain 11 speed freehub body, and still run a wicked wide range of gears. 

We like this for mountain touring bikes, or commuter bikes that are gunna double as light touring bikes. Shifts well. Holds up fine. Not terribly expensive. Alloy spider carries many of the cogs, to cut down on weight. Biggest cog is Aluminum. If you are getting a 11-50 cassette, and are worried about gear jump ratios, you shouldn’t buy an 11-50 cassette.

Weighs what it weighs. Not too heavy, considering how honkin’ it is.

Silver or black. Red anodized spider and alloy lock ring.