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Garbaruk SRAM 11/12 Speed Cages


Cage Color

Unlike the standard Garbaruk derailleur pulleys, adding this cage plus the larger pulley wheels in combination DOES improve shifting and also reduces friction. Now, we are not watt counters, but I’ll take a combo of better shifting, crazy 1990’s vibes AND reduced chain friction. Why not? The cage fits up to any SRAM 11 speed 1x rear derailleur, road or mtn. Those mechs are technically only supposed to shift up to a 42t cog, and when you push them up to a 50 or a 51t cog, shifting becomes less optimal. This cage corrects that, and the bigger pulleys mean the chain isn’t bending as much as it travels around the pulley. Less bend = less friction.

You can mix and match the cage color and pulley color (not two diff colors of pulleys, but 1 cage color, 1 pulley color), for optimal 1993 vibes. Or go all black or silver and keep it low key.

Marginally lighter than the stock parts. Get this set up if you want better shifting, and frankly, really like purple.

All Garbaruk products take about 2-3 weeks to get here. We only have a few in stock, mainly to show people who wander in what they look like. Too many colors to go deep with them.