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White Industries Headsets




White Industries makes a headset modeled after the 1987 Lancia Delta. It’s boxy, in a purposeful way. If you take your bike aesthetics cues from Devo’s hats, then this is the headset for you. It’s smoother than a Hall n' Oats track, and will outlast the polar ice caps.

These pair nicely with Paul Box Car stems, pointy bars like Nitto's Forest Amblers and a Focal Banger 4 pack.

Really good, replaceable high-quality Japanese sealed bearings. You’ll probably never have to replace them, but you can if you need to.

Fun colors, made in the USA by nice people.

This headset comes in a ton of configurations, email us to sort out what ya need and we’ll make it happen.

Pink, Red, Gold, Black, Silver, Purple, Blue.