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Surly Moloko Bars

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The Surly Moloko bars are tied with the Jones bars as one of the ugliest bars currently on the market. That said, if you are into bars that look they were lifted from Space Invaders, these might be the ticket for you. Break out the Game Genie and wrap the front of these bars with some sort of bilious pink foam tape, get some purple Paul levers and neon green grips and just own it.

The Moloko arguably has the best potential hand positions of any bar out there. The flat section way out front is great for windy roads, the weird curvy bar end section is great for fire road climbs, the grippy section is perfect for gettin’ gnar. All that said, the bars are a bit on the narrow side. If you are under 5’ 8”, or a narrow shouldered tall person, check these out. If you are tall or broad, get the Jones bars. 31.8 stem clamp, takes mountain brake levers.