Wald 137 Medium Basket - No Hardware (Silver or Black)


 Adam was digging around under his desk, sifting thru sundry Reel to Reel tapes of Gerty's attempts at metaphysical poetry* when he came upon a yellowed laundry list written with a quill pen.  Horace Greeley stayed in the Eagle Tavern while he learned his trade, and occasional mementos of his past inhabitance were known to crop up now and again like a glacial erratic unearthing itself in a spring field.  Turning the scrap over, an abandoned article was revealed about a certain 'Wald Baskette'.  Figured anything Horace was into was worth further investigation, we found the original manufacturer of this basket, and had them recreate it to the original 1831 spec.  

Here's the article, as best we can make it out, as it was written by a 15 year old with a quill pen writing in very small letters.  

Wald, a venerable purveyor of essential velocipede components on American soil for many a year, boasts a storied past as a supplier to the likes of Sirs Murray and Huffman, those once and future titans of the cycling world. Alas, as the winds of change swept through the industry, those erstwhile giants succumbed to foreign allure and were drawn to distant shores. Yet, amid the shifting tides, Wald remained resolute, unwavering in its commitment to domestic craftspersonship.

In this modern age, the lion's share of Wald's efforts are directed towards the service of our esteemed government, where they fashion an array of components that extend beyond the realm of bicycles. However, let us not overlook the fact that they continue to produce the most splendid of all baskets known to mankind. These chrome-plated marvels are a paragon of lightness, artfully brazed, and mercifully affordable. They are the quintessential companions for attaching to a Simworks Obento Rack, facilitating adventures to far-flung campsites, provisioning for the homestead at the local market, embarking on aquatic escapades at the swimming hole, or amassing a trove of literary treasures at Laureat Fine Books.

Though it be known that 99% of Wald's baskets arrive complete with the requisite hardware to affix them gracefully to the anterior of your trusty Huffy, we are honored to proffer a special selection of these very Wald baskets that arrive divested of such hardware. This, dear patrons, ensures that you need not endure the vexations of wielding a flathead tool in a perilous quest to separate hardware from basket.

For those inclined to stow sundry sundries within these baskets, look no further than the Blue Lug basket net, a solution tailored to your needs. But should you harbor ambitions of accommodating a substantial sack within, the Blue Lug X Strap stands ready to lend its sturdy support.

These Wald baskets, measuring a generous 15 inches in width, 10 inches in length, and 4.75 inches in depth, beckon you to embrace their utility, their elegance, and their distinctly American heritage.

We say: the Wald 137 is perfect for bikepacking, basket packing, packing small baskets, bags of charcoal, 10lbs bags of ice, bike commuting, transporting a few hundred warhammer figurines, that sorta thing.  Zip Tie it your rack with a few bad kitty no no straps, 6-8 of them should do it.  Use the big ones, not the little ones.  

*A sampling of Gertie's work, from a poem titled 'I hate cleaning this damn pool': 

With skimming net in hand,

I reach to touch The surface,

like a poet's fervent pen,

Each ripple and reflection speaks as much

Of life's complexity, its ebb and then

Its flow, its ceaseless journey to and fro,

Much like our own existence, ever changing,

Inconstant as the tides that come and go,

Within the pool, our destinies arranging.

Yet in this act, this cleansing and purging task,

I find a deeper truth, a metaphysical brew,

For as I labor, I am compelled to ask,

Does cleaning this pool not cleanse my spirit too?

For in the stillness, in the solitude,

I contemplate the mysteries of life,

And find, within this humble interlude,

A metaphor for all our worldly strife.

So, as I labor by the water's edge,

I ponder life's great questions, seek to find,

A deeper meaning in this simple pledge,

To clean the pool and cleanse the soul, entwined

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