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AnaLOG Trucker Cap



Nothing says 'I have a huge brain' quite like a Trucker hat. Think about it, who has more time to think than a long haul trucker? Maybe a hermit monk high in the mountains. But he probably is thinking hard about nothing. Truckers have time to think about whatever, as long as they don't run over anyone driving a emerald green Geo Metro. All that thinking makes their heads big. Hence the need for a trucker hat. After Britney Spears briefly adopted the Trucker hat, truckers start to wear those big slouchy crochet Rasta hats in protest. But cops kept pulling them over, assuming they were stoned. So they went back to Trucker hats and told Britney to get a new hat program. She did, and then her career tanked.

Presidents usually seem to have huge foreheads. Not so much Obama, and Trump has that weird low eyebrow clearance hair program. But think about G.W. Bush, Nixon, Clinton, etc. These cats all had/have huge foreheads. Trucker hats are the last stylistic refuge of the presidential forehead. If you have a big forehead, get this hat, pull it down low, and no one will be the wiser.

These trucker hats are printed in Vermont. The illustration is a sharpie drawing of a log, with our sharpie logo in side of it. Sharpies are the best tools for making graphics when you don't know Illustrator. We did the drawing. We hope you like it. The log is a maple log.

Adjustable back, with two rows of those snappy things, so if you are like me and have a huge head, you can run this hat almost all the way open and it won't unsnap. Medium loft. Mess back. 

One size actually fits all. Again, I have a huge head, and it fits fine.