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TA Axix Light Square Taper BB & Lock Ring Tool



Rare is the ISO taper bottom bracket. Just a handful of ISO taper bottom brackets remain.  Campy still makes one I think, and Phil Wood, but this TA unit is the best.  It’s rebuildable by the end user, which those other two are not.  It’s made in France, it’s decently light.  With a modicum of maintenance, this is a lifetime bottom bracket.  

Best paired with a TA Carmina or Vega crankset, which has an ISO taper, or old square taper campy cranks, or TA Cyclotouriste cranks.  You can also use it with a JIS crank, but get a 9mm longer spindle than you normally would, as the cranks will sit 4.5mm per side closer into the frame.  

Chromo Axle, so it won’t snap off road.  Standard sealed bearings, so you can easily replace them.  Two things of note:  You want to have your frame faced and chased at the bottom bracket so the bearings don’t bind.  You also NEED the TA lockring tool, in addition to a standard shimano style BB tool to install this. So we j

Current version with fixed right cup (which is the only model we sell). Compatible with 72mm wide BB shells with use of 2.5mm spacer on each side between the bearing and the cup.