Sinewave Revolution Dynamo Powered USB Charger


The Sinewave Revolution was made by miniaturizing an Atari 7800 and replacing the game slot with a USB port. Not really, but it looks sorta like that. Why couldn’t it have the faux wood paneling of the 2600? Nevermind, it’s a clever way to play Xevious while you are riding charge a cache battery, GPS or phone. We recommend charging a cache battery, so your phone doesn’t make that annoying beep sound when it starts charging and you are in the middle of the woods. You can then use the battery to charge your phone, Lite Brite, or Walkman. Hide the Revolution in your handlebar bag, or cover it in punk rock stickers from bands you only pretend to like, to hide its true form.

Real talk: The Revolution is made in Boston by Dave, and he’s an electro wizard. It starts charging at a lower speed than most ride ‘n charge devices. The electronics are encased in resin, the whole thing is waterproof to the point that it will charge stuff underwater. It’s tough too, because of that resin, nothing can shake loose and frag out.

These are a bit of a bugger to set up with a headlight. It’s doable, but we recommend either you take it to a shop that knows generator lights (like us!), or have us pre-wire it. Only attempt self installation if you are the clever sort, and you have a Knipex crimper or soldering set up, time to kill, and a pile of reel to reel Neil Young bootlegs to listen to while you quietly swear to yourself in your basement/garage/mom’s basement.

If you want to use the Revolution with an Edelux II headlight with a Y-junction box, you'll need to solder on a male coaxial connector to the end of the Revolution wire. This male end plugs into the open port of the Y-junction box. Snag that little doodle here, and you can select to purchase that part with (if you'd like us to do it) or without labor (if you're the do-it-yourselfer type).

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