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Schmidt Seatpost Dynamo Taillight


Lens Color

Body Ano Color

No rear rack? No fenders? No worries! Enter the Schmidt seatpost light. It’s minimal looking, like a tiny ice cream sandwich. But unlike an ice cream sandwich, it’s not sticky, and it costs way more. But here’s the deal: it’s wicked bright, it’s small, and it’s durable. A machined aluminum housing and a stainless steel band make for a secure connection to the seatpost. The lens is tiny, the light is visible from 180 degrees. This light fits seatposts from 26.0-31.8, and includes two little rubber shims if you need them. It comes in a few fun colors. Some of these have clear lenses. Rest assured, the light itself is red.

The light comes with thick coaxial cable. That makes the wire more durable. It also makes it bigger, but that’s a small trade off. Here's some instructions if you are trying to hook this up with a Sinewave Beacon, I'll maybe have some instructions on how to wire taillights to a Schmidt light one day. Send me an email (candice (at) analogcycles (dot) com) asking about it and that'll force me to get it done! SONtoBeaconWIringGuide

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