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Schmidt Fender Light



Fender Size

If the French Constructeurs didn’t give a frig about weight and knew about LEDs, this would have been the light they devised to mount on Mavic fenders. Nowadays, Mavic only makes narrow rims in sizes no one wants, and the French Constructeurs only live on in the dreams of Jan Heine. The Schmidt fender light is minimal, it looks like something Sol Lewitt wrote instructions for. Make two flattened oval cylinders. One silver, one red. The red one should fit into the silver one. Attach wires. Call Dan Flavin.

This light does not have a legit reflector, but here’s what it does have. Super tough construction, everything from the lens (thick) to the aluminum housing (thicker) to the wiring (3x more hefty than the tail light wiring on a B+M light). It’s elegant in the same way a Travis Bean headstock is elegant. It’s bright, too. We can get these with silver housings, black anodized housings, and clear or red lenses. The LED itself is red. It’s a tail light after all. Mount to aluminum or stainless fenders.