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Schmidt Coaxial Hub Connector

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Coaxial wiring just means that instead of two copper wires running side by side, like a shotgun barrel, one cable goes down the center of an insulated tube, and that tube is surrounded by a mesh of wire, which is then intern insulted. It’s stronger and sleeker than the side by side thing.

If you have a Schmidt hub, and you are getting a light from us, have us solder in the coaxial hub connector with the Schmidt adapter. It makes wheel removal a snap. Easier and better than anything else on the market, and stronger too, as we solder it in place.

We can do this to lights you buy from us, like the Sinewave Beacon just select the adaptor with labor when you go to purchase. SON's Edelux II headlight comes with this as a stock option, just select a light option with the coaxial hub adaptor in the description. We can do it to a light you already have, if you aren't comfortable soldering yourself, just ship the light to the shop and we'll take care of it.

But if you are up to the task of soldering, and already have the equipment and headlight, its pretty easy to do yourself. Just select the connector without labor when you go to purchase. Here are the instructions: Coaxial-Connector-Soldering-EN-2018_A5