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Rivendell/Nitto Basket Rack

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For years, e’rybody has been strapping their Wald 137’s to Rivendell’s Mark’s Rack. It worked fine, but the basket wasn’t super stable, and you couldn’t really load it up a whole bunch with grape fruits, Crystal Pepsi and copies of Swann’s Way (large print edition) without the rack giving you a bunch of lip. So Grant drew a doodle on his visor bill and sent the visor to Nitto. They came back with this. It’s super tough, gotta big platform, and has less stuff to shake loose than most racks of it’s ilk. It can almost flat pack. Tubular Chromoly, which is fillet brazed and nickel plated and maybe sometimes cerakoted by us in fun colors that Nitto frowns upon. If you want to tour off road with a basket, this is the best off the shelf rack you can get for that, period. It’ll fit over a 27.5 x 3 tire with mud clearance. It’ll also fit over a 29 x 2.3 tire, no problem, or anything smaller.

Unlike most front platform racks out there, this rack uses tubular steel to go from rack to dropout, not aluminum struts. Way stiffer, way stronger. The tubular steel bit is shaped like a U, so it’s one big unit, not two separate struts. Again, stiffer, stronger. Less to shake loose.

Pair with a Wald 137 or 139 full size baskets, or the 137 Half Basket or the 139 Half Basket. All work fine!


Not cheap because: it’s made in Tokyo by expert crafts-folk, and it’s the best of it’s kind.