Paul Component Klampers Disc Brake Caliper I.S. & Flat Mount

Color:All Black
Mount Type:Flat Mount SP

Most Paul parts come in too many varieties for us to stock.  Reasons to order from us:  you can combine the order with other stuff you need (saddle, tires, whatever), and you probably learned something interesting or funny or not funny reading this article.  It takes a few weeks to get whatever you want from Paul when you order from us, and we won't ship until the Paul thing has landed, even if you also ordered other stuff.  That's so you don't get creamed with shipping costs.  

For years and years we at Analog resisted disc brakes on our personal bikes. The reasons were myriad: brake pad drag, horrible honking noises, difficult adjustments, impossible to rebuild in the field, cheap construction....the list goes on. We’re still not fully on the hydraulic bandwagon, but we really dig a few mechanical discs. You can field service them, they never need bleeding, and you can repair them with your multitool if something goes wrong. It won’t but if it does, you can. Paul Components set out to design the strongest, easiest to adjust mechanical disc brake. It took 3 years, but the Klamper nails it. Here’s what makes it better than any other mechanical disc brake on the market, and we’d argue, better than any hydraulic disc brake too:

    • Fully rebuildable. Every single piece is user replaceable.
    • Super stiff because it’s overbuilt AND machined. CNC Machining allows for much tighter tolerances than cast or forged parts. Most other brakes are cast aluminum. That’s cheap and quick to make, but leads to slop between the moving parts. Slop makes for squishy less responsive braking. You know that feel when you pull on a brake lever, then there’s almost a lag between that pull and the brake’s engagement? With Paul brakes that does not exist. The beefy, huge calipers have bigger everything: bigger cable actuator arm (stiffer), bigger caliper block (stiffer), bigger pistons (less brake pad wobble + stiffer). All of that translates to more power.
    • Needle and ball bearings, for long life.
    • Easy adjustment with a multi tool/just your fingies
    • Pads sit flat (unlike Avids) and can be set close to the rotor with no rub
    • Made in the USA
  • Comes in fun colors

We like to pair the Paul brakes with SRAM’s centerline rotors, good brake housing from Jagwire and Jagwire’s Ultraslick or Pro cables, which have very low drag. This combo is a winner, and it’ll go quite a while before you need to replace cables. Standard cables usually last about a year in standard riding conditions. Slick cables take longer to get gunked up, and can last much longer than standard cables. If you are gunna splurge on any part of a disc bike build, this is the where to do it.

  With many high end bits and such, we can't possibly stock 'em all, but we appreciate you ordering thru us, regardless.  If you read about here, and learned something, that's a good reason to snag it here.   There's a bit of lead time, but that's the case with most high end bike bits!  It would be the same if you ordered it direct, or on Jenson or whatever. 


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