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Nitto Rack Stay Draw Bolts

Out Of Stock

Sometimes you are putting a Nitto rack on, and suddenly, you start flailing around like a possessed person on one of those Sunday morning telethons. In my case, it’s because The Make Up is blaring, and when Live at the Rhythm Hive comes on, you just gotta flail around. Then the Nitto draw bolt goes flying and whoowee! if you can ever find it again, it would only be through divine intervention. A voice floats through the air, thou shalt racketh thine bike, and through the dusty afternoon air, a shaft of light splits the murk. It’s Candice, holding her phone with the flashlight app, pointing at the draw bolt, which is actually still in the rack. You just thought you flung it. That never happens, the bolt is actually gone to wherever the left sock of your new Darn Toughs goes when you do the wash. It’s a mythical land, ruled by a huge sock named Larry, where draw bolts, socks, cell phone charger cords and guitar picks all live in harmony, listening to the tunes of all the mixtapes you gave to your high school girlfriend that she never listened to.

You lost your draw bolt. Buy this Nitto draw bolt. Fits all Nitto rack stays. Sold individually! Please don't steal my fingerprints from the photo!