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Nitto Big Rear Rack - Campee Large 33R & 32R



Rivendell designed the Nitto Big Rear Rack 33R/32R in the same way Rivendell designs everything. It’s overbuilt, but elegantly so. It’s gorgeous without being pretentious, and impeccably crafted and unlike any other rack out there. Nitto Fillet Brazes these racks out of tubular chromoly. Then they copper plate the whole thing, then nickel plate it. Nickel plating is super hard and corrosion resistant. I’ve never seen a Nitto rack rust, and I’ve seen a bunch of them over the years.

There are two Nitto pannier ‘Big’ rear racks out there (32R & 33R) that Rivendell has designed. If you have a bike bigger than 54cm, or tires bigger than 29 x 2, get the large (33R). If you've got a smaller bike with 650b or 26" wheels get the small (32R).

Set up tips: Set the rack up on a level surface, so you can get the top of the rack level with a….you guessed it... level. Mock everything up before you cut anything. The aluminum stays can be bent gently in a vise. Up to say, a 30 degree angle. You usually don’t need to do that, but you can if you have to. All threaded surfaces should get some bee’s wax smeared on them before installing.

44lbs weight limit. That’s a ton of gear!

Made in Tokyo Japan.