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Kool Stop was primarily active in the Bronx brake dancing scene in the mid 80’s. Wait, no that’s Kool Keith. Kool Stop made (and makes!) the brake compound that deep bike nerds associate with Scott Mathauser. Only the most esoteric brake compound adherents know that Kool Stop actually made the brake pads for Mathauser. So these are as real deal as it gets. We only stock Kool Stop rim brake pads in the ‘Salmon’ colored brake compound.

The weird color is the secret to what makes this brake pad rock the casbah. Iron oxide, aka rust, is added to the brake pad compound. That makes the brake pad harder. Harder means better bite. That’s why disc brakes are so powerful. Good bite. Harder also means less melting of the brake pad, known to bike mechanics as glazing. You can still get glaze on Salmon pads, but it’s much harder to do. When a brake pad glazes, it loses its ability to bite into the rim. No bite means less friction, means poor brake performance. Harder pads also last longer, so they’re great for tours and such.

There’s basically no reason NOT to run these brake pads with three exceptions. If you have old school ceramic coated brake tracks (you know em if you have em) you need harder brake pads than these. Kool Stop’s green compound works for that. If you have carbon rims, we’re sorry. You are stuck with crappy brake pads as per what ever is recommended by the maker of your rims. Lastly, if you have a persistent squeal that no amount of fanangling will remove, get the black compound. They’re softer and seem to squeal less

If you have contemporary V brakes, get the Thinline pads. 1 set does one wheel.

If you have some contemporary canti’s, like Paul or Tektro, get the Thinline pads as well.

Smooth post cantis or centerpulls? Get the Eagle II.

Wanna upgrade your v-brake or canti brakes to even better/stiffer brake pads? Get the Kool stop pad holders with Dura II inserts. Pick these over the standard versions of this system that use that dinky little pin to hold your pad in. These "cross" holders use a little bolt to bite in and hold your pad in place, a way stronger, way better system.

Have road brakes with replaceable pad inserts? Get the Dura II pads.

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