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Dynaplug Racer



Dynaplug makes the Kobe beef of tubeless repair kits. If you want the best, this is it. Hand massaged by the finest California CNC mill.

This is a good, minimal tubeless repair kit. The one to put in your mountain bike day trip bag. It holds one big and one small plug, and comes with a few extra plugs as well. The plugs are much bigger than norm-core tubeless plugs. They’re easier and faster to install. It’s a spendy but better system. You can get refills easily.

The most important thing about the Dynaplug Racer, besides the fact that it’s non-GMO and gluten free, is that it comes in fun colors. Colors make your friends envious, and that’s really what bike riding is all about.

If you need a Dynaplug set up for a short tour, get the Dynaplug Pill. If you're heading out on a mega tour, get the Mega Pill.