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Dynaplug Pill



Woo-doggy! We love these over engineered tubeless tire plugs. Over engineered just cause they could have made it outta boring old plastic and generally cheapened the whole thing, but instead they asked WWPD? Which of course is short for What Would Paul Do? He’d machine the living **** out of it, of course. And then anodize it a funny color, and make it in the U.S.

What differentiates the Dynaplug from say, that Genuinely Uninnovative bacon plug kit? Besides cost, a few things: self contained kit. The bacon plug thing just sorta bangs around and collects lint and dirt. The Dynaplug has a nice looking giant aluminum horse pill it’s all contained in. Gasket closure, so it’s waterproof. Way less fiddly. You don’t have to take your greasy mitts and try to grab a sticky piece of bacon and thread it into a tiny screw driver. You just jam the plug in, pull the handle, and the plug stays put. The plug itself is big, so on holes where you’d normally have to stick 2 or 3 bacon strips, you can just use one. Dynaplug says you can use up to 3 of it’s plugs in one hole, so if ya really want, you can plug a massive hole. Also, on the mondo Dynaplug Megapill kit they give you even bigger plugs, plus normal sized ones, so you can plug almost anything except a big gash.

Let’s see what else… the kit comes with a tiny pipe cleaner, apparently to clean out the hole in your tire. It also comes with a really small razor blade, to cut very small pieces of cheese, or I guess, to trim your tire’s puncture hole. We say: ehh to those bits, the real magic here is the speed, the size of the plug, the quality of the kit, the ease of use, and the fact that the kit looks more rad than a plug kit has a right to look.

The tip of the plugs are pointy brass. You just leave em in the tire and they dangle about on the end of the plug. If one falls off, it will harmlessly hang out inside your tire, getting caught up in tubeless goo and generally minding its own business. Brass is soft, it won’t hurt anything.

Comes with: big pill thing filled with 5 brass plugs, a tiny razor with a handle, an awl, a pipe cleaner. Refillable with more plugs once you go thru your current ones.