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Discord Earthworm Tubeless Valves



“The record collection or magazine or newspaper might reveal some clue to a social movement or trend or fashion or sensibility which defies their moronic stranglehold on consciousness. A burp of resistance. A clue to a way out. A signal that life doesn’t actually depend on high-speed Internet access. And the physicality of the item infers that things meant something once, that everything wasn’t always a meaningless, equivocal post on Tumblr.”  -Ian Svenonius 

Simple tubeless valves, in loads of colors.  Weird, in between colors like olive and UPS brown.  Here's how to order:  put the valves in your cart.  Tell us what color you want for the valve and for the cap.  We can't mix and match front and back valves, but we're happy to mix and match top cap and valve colors.  

Set these valves in the rim by gently tapping the backside with a mallet.  One small bump will seat these in the rim tape, and you won't have a leak right at the valve stem as a result.  
40mm long.