Schmidt Edelux II Headlight (Dark Green)

Style:60cm wire with Spade Bit Connectors (no Y Junction Box)

Please note:  Sometimes we have the perfect headlight in stock ready to go, but often we have to trim something, or solder something to make your light to your specs.   This might take a few days.  We'll do it as fast as we can, but we're a tiny shop, and only one of us knows how to solder, and that's the same guy who also does all the bike fitting and answers all the emails and writes all the product descriptions etc.  

The Schmidt Edelux II is close to being a perfect generator powered headlight for road or gravel use. It’s the Leica of the lighting world. It’s not the most feathery, feature laden, not the brightest, or the newest, but it’s so good that none of that matters. It’s close to indestructible, from the aluminum housing to the glass lens to the beefy cabling. It has perfect optics for road riding: like the low beam of a car, the Edelux casts light onto the road, not into drivers eyes. The electronics are tried and tested and ultra reliable. It’s made in Germany. It’s almost the brightest headlight available, save 10 lux. The Busch and Muller IQ-X beats it by those ten lux, but that light has flimsy wiring, and it’s almost 2 times bigger. 90 lux is fine, great even, for fast descents down winding roads.  In 15+ years of selling these lights, we've never had a light fail.  One day one will, because that's how it goes, but it hasn't happened yet.  

Here's how to buy a Schmidt headlight:

  • Using a Schmidt hub and don't need an inline USB charger?  Get a light with a co-axial connector and co-axial hub connector.  That makes it as easy to plug or unplug your light as plugging in a pair of headphones.  The spade bits are fine if you are NEVER going to take your front wheel off, but most of us do, occasionally.  And if you are gunna take it off, it's safest and easiest to do it with a coax connection.  For most applications, ie normal non-suspended bikes, you want the 60cm wire length.  Works for bikes with or without racks, as long as the rack isn't nuts.  Think Simworks Obento: that's a normal rack.  Get the 100cm or a custom wire length if you need something longer.
  • Using a Schmidt hub and want to charge stuff while you are riding during the day?  You want a light with a Y Junction box, so you can plug a USB charger in like a Sinewave Revolution.  Uses the same easy to use headphone style jack as the hub light interface.  
  • Using a hub like a Shimano or SP or Kasai?  You don't need a Co-Axial connector, just get the 140mm length wire and cut to length.  

Edelux's now come with a short wire fork crown mount, just like the B&M short wire mount, so as long as you're okay with silver, and plan to mount the light off your fork crown, you don't need to buy a mount as well!

Contact us to put together a rad lighting system or with questions, cause yeah, this stuff is a bit confusing!

Co-axial hub connection acts like a quick release for the light/hub interface. Super secure and the wires are soldered to the male end so its extra strong. Smart!

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