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B&M µ "Micro" Taillight



The Busch and Muller Micro Meuw is named after the sound our cat makes when he is locked in the shed accidentally. There is nothing in the shed he would possibly want, which is exactly why he wants to go in there. "Hmm, I might need an angle grinder for my kibble bowl today? Mayhaps I could use this hatchet on my… kibble bowl. I wonder if my kibble bowl is level?" Maybe that’s what’s goin on in his tiny, furry brain.

This light is tiny. Pinkie tip sized tiny. It’s pretty bright, for such a wee light.

Here’s what we recommend it for: roadish riding where you wanna small, bright light. Here’s what we don’t recommend it for: shredding off road. Too plasticy. Plastic breaks off road. We see folks mounting these and other rear lights down near their drop outs. This about the dumbest possible place to mount a light, except inside a tube. It’s dirty, hard for a car to see, constantly exposed to puddles etc. Mount this on a saddle rail, or a fender, or a rear rack. Just mount it semi high.

This light will pair fine with any dynamo headlight we sell. It’s light, cute, and tiny. If you need a lightweight cute tiny light for non-rough stuff, buy this light and make your bike 13% more cute, 1% less light weight, and the exact same size it was before.

***Note the mount that is shown in the photos of the light installed bikes does not come with the light, we hack that by using a small P-clamp, the ones that come with Nitto rear racks, and a M5 alloy spacer to keep it from clamping too tightly around the light. ***