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Bitex Road Hubs




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Small flange road hubs always remind me of old Hi-E hubs, which are up there with the coolest hubs ever made.  Super light, sealed bearing, at a time when both of those things were rare.  Ultra small flanges, because Jobst Brandt had proven that smaller flange hubs made for wheels equally as stiff as high flange hubs, but they were lighter and arguably stronger.  Less flange = less flange to flex.

We get these Bitex road hubs specially assembled with 135mm end caps for the rear hub.  That makes them great for most cross bikes, Rivendells, old mountain bikes.  Yes, we have 130mm spaced ones too.  

Bitex has been making hubs for other people for ages.  Unlike Novatec, or Joytech or Formula, Bitex hubs are good.  As good as a White Industries hub.  The difference is really in the finish.  White hubs look amazing.  They have nice lines, nice polishing, nice engraving.  Bitex hubs look more like a Hi-E hub.  They’re simple, to the point, tumbled but not polished.  They’re also made in Taiwan vs California, so the price is much lower.  Don’t worry about quality though:  12 pawls, offset so the 48t ratchet has the engagement of a 96t ratchet.  Enduro sealed bearings.  No tools needed to pull it apart and service it aside from two 5mm allen keys.  

The Bitex road hubs are light, durable enough for road, light mountain, gravel riding, and they’re a bargain for how well they are made.  

Get the Bitex touring hubs if you are over 190lbs, or tour, or bang your bike around off road really hard.  They have marginally bigger bearings, a steel axle, and a steel freehub body.  

28h or 32h in stock, we can special order in 24h versions too.

Black or silver.

130mm or 135mm rear.

Sold stock with Shimano HG freehub body but we can get XD Drivers and Campy FHBs too +$10.