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SLX 11-46 cassette

Out Of Stock

Er’yone knows Shimano makes the best shifting cassettes. If you don’t need a huge range of gears, cause you live in Kansas or some other place where climbing the stairs to go to bed gives you a nosebleed, this is a great cassette. Actually, it’s great for tons of applications: road riding without a load, fast mountain biking, non-touring gravel riding. Are there lower gearing cassettes out there? Yes. But this one is well made, pretty wide range, and lightforwhatitis. Biggest cogs are aluminum. Shifts like a Shimano cassette, which is to say really well. Fits 11spd Shimano HG freehub bodies.

You’ll want a nice 1x rear mech, like the SRAM Rival or SRAM GX to work with it.