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Wald Medium Basket-No Hardware



Wald has been making basic bike parts in the U.S. for years. They used to supply a bunch of parts for Murray and Huffy and the like, but when those brands folded or sold out and went over seas, Wald kept going. Mainly they make bits for the Government these days, and bike parts are only a small segment of their business. Luckily for us they still make the world’s best baskets. The baskets are chrome plated, light weight, beautifully brazed and affordable. They’re ideal for strapping onto a Nitto front rack and going camping, hitting the grocery store, heading to the swimming hole or loading up on books at Hermit Hill.

99% of all Wald baskets come with hardware to mount them to the front of your Huffy, but we get these special wald baskets that come sans hardware, so you don’t have to poke yourself with a flat head trying to pry the hardware off. If you just wanna jam random stuff in there, get a basket net. If you wanna put a big sack in there, get a strap for that. We like the Full Spectrum straps and the Voile straps.