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Velo Orange Piolet

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I’ve always assumed that Alice Coletrane was sent to earth to rescue humanity. It’s obvious in her recordings and her spiritual practices. But I never knew she could get funked out. Los Caballeros rips. I’m assuming it’s a Fender Rhodes through some sort of overdrive or compression unit. In between ripping mad lines on the Rhodes, she whacks cymbals and drums with her hands. I don’t even like horses and I love this song. She’s out Stevie Wondering Stevie Wonder!

The Piolet was sent here to save humanity too, but in a more passive way. People should ride bikes. Bikes are good for you, and steel bikes are good for the planet, compared to other types of bikes. Steel bikes last for decades, they’re repairable, recyclable, and durable. They’re not made from scarce elements in wetlands (Titanium), distilled from huge chunks of earth (Aluminum), or made from toxic glue and oil (Carbon).

We’ve thrashed a Piolet in Vermont and the rock gardens of Frederick Maryland. It’s a stellar bike. Haters are gunna say: no thru axles. We say: get decent hubs, not a problem, man! I’ve ridden the bike back to back with a thru axle and bike with VERY similar kits, excepting the thru axles. It’s like the Steve Albini produced tracks from Fugazi’s In on the Kill Taker vs the Inner Ear Studio tracks. They’re the same but different.

If you like your vocals pushed back a bit, and things a bit more natural, get the Piolet. Don’t worry, the drums still sound great. On the real though, the Piolet is a swell bike, a real mountain bike that feels good on gravel and washed out ATV tracks that cut through mossy pillows and end up at views you can only see in the winter.

In Utero is the only Nirvana album where you can actually feel the effects pedals being clicked on and off. On the Steve Albini mixes. Not on the final product. Those pedals make it feel more legit. More immediate. Raw. That’s Albini’s thing, and it’s on show with his mixes. Worth checking out, even if you turn your nose up at Nirvana because you think Mudhoney is way more OG rad.

Ok. Gunna wrap this write up, up.

Get the Piolet for bike packing, trail riding, graveling, ATB’ing. It’s 100% awesome with a Cigne stem and dirt drops. We like the Spank Flare’s. It’s also fine with alt bars and a shortish stem. Like all bikes except the Tanglefoot Moonshiner, it wants a setback seatpost. If you are riding in rocky terrain, use cranks 5mm shorter than normal, cause the BB height isn’t wicked high.

All the warts and braze ons for bike packing and norm core touring. Also has fender zits. Normal time 73mm BB and basic bitch 1 ⅛ headset. 100mm QR front hub and 135mm QR rear.

Contact us to build one, Analog style.