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Unior Three-way Wrench 2, 2.5, 3mm Straight-tip Hex


I used to live up the street from a place called the Past Times Cafe. It was in a one star hotel off the highway, and supposedly it was frequented by swingers. Why are all swingers nearing or at retirement age? It’s like nudist colonies. No one is cruising around at a nudist colony that is young and attractive. All of this is to say… three ways are not a good idea. Someone always gets hurt.

3 way tools are the same. Worst tools ever. Bad for the wrists, repetitive stress injury. Never get one in 4/5/6mm cause it’s too easy to reach out and grab and use. Hyper convenient, like having a drawer full of hot pockets at that perfect temperature where they don’t scald your tongue but they haven’t yet turned into a lukewarm chunk of moist cardboard.

But sometimes you need a 3 way, mainly for easy workin’ on bearing preload adjusters, TRP disc brakes and SRAM rear mechs. You never remember what size that damn bolt is, and if you have 3 options in your hand, it’s ok, minimal shouting.

Unior’s 3 way tool is made out of hard tool steel, and it’s made in a factory in the Czech Republic where they sit around soviet era KVN-49 TV’s watching Ranc U Zelené Sedmy, which principally seems to be about petting horses, looking wholesome, and milking goats.