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Unior Spoke, Cotter and Bearing Gauge

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This spoke ruler is steel, it won’t bend even if you really rap someone’s knuckles with it. What makes this one unique is that it has a cotter pin gauge, because it was obviously designed in 1932 when cotter pins were all the rage. Handy if you are a cotter pin lover. It also has a more universally useful bearing gauge, plus a ruler and a spoke measurererer.

Also good for drawing straight lines, or really little circles.

Made in the EU, where they hate freedom so much that they have super long paid vacations which they spend doing fun things like visiting castles and collecting mushrooms. Now if they could only take a cue from ‘Merica, and take short unpaid vacations, they’d really know what freedom tastes like! It tastes like a warmed over Stewart’s breakfast sandwich.