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Unior Speed Nipple Bit 2.5mm

Out Of Stock

If you build wheels, even just for fun, you need to get this Speed Nipple Bit. I wish they called it a Speed Nipple Driver, cause that brings to mind a B Movie about a man with a pair of ginormous...oh, never mind. There’s a car chase, and a Bascule Bridge and he always gets his girl.

This Speed Nipple Bit fits into your drill. You wanna use a drill with a super low torque setting, so you don’t accidentally mulch the rim or the head of the nipple. If you cut your spokes properly, after you lace the wheel up you can just plunk it in the truing stand and bzzzz bzzz bzz the nipples to a uniform depth with this tool. After that, you’re just a few turns away from full tension. Pretty friggin’ rad.

We’ve used other versions of this tool, but this is the cheapest AND bestest.

Hardened steel, made by Unior in the EU.