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Unior Round File with Handle


Ideal for those who believe ear candles are for suckers. Get right in there and give this file a twirl, and your hearing will either be way better or ruined for life.

Round files, aka rat tail files, aka Tim’s kid’s hair program files, are great for getting in round holes and knocking off burrs. Aluminum fenders for instance, need a round file to de-burr the holes ya drill to make sure they don’t get a stress crack from a burr or rough edge. Also handy for cleaning up cut seatposts, that sorta thing. Most files come with handles that are adjustable, so you can use different files in them. These handles suck, the file is always coming out at inopportune times, and the file goes flying across your work bench, bounces off your hot pocket and gouging that JP Weigle frame you’ve been working on.

This handle won’t do that. It has a nice shape, like holding a long, skinny lemon that’s reddish orange.

Made by Unior, in the EU, where they think it’s a good idea to have health care for everyone, free universities, a high quality of life and other oppressive, freedom hating stuff.