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Unior Hack Saw


Sure you could go to Home Depot and get a hacksaw made in a factory of dubious working standards and non-existent environmental standards. But we would judge the shit out of you. Because good tools come from places where people are happy to go to work, and they’re made in factories that work hard to minimize environmental toll. This Unior Hack Saw is way nicer than those 8 dollar hacksaws too, with TWO handles, for easier cutting. The handles are nicer shapes, too.

The whole thing is stiffer, and it’s designed in a way that’s super clever, so the blade won’t loosen up like it tends to do on the cheapy units. The stiffer the hacksaw, the easier the cutting job is, cause the blade isn’t getting all Funk Master Flex on ya. 12” blade. Replacement blades for cutting steel or aluminum and carbon fiber, here. Made in the EU, like all the Unior tools.