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Unior Chain Tool


Sometimes you wake up and think, ‘damn, my chain is 2 links too long! Think of all the grams I could be saving without those superfluous links!’ and then you go down to your mom’s basement and find your chain breaker is rusted shut and no amount of yelling ‘MOOOOMMMMM!’ is gunna free it. Tiny chain breakers are a pain in the tookus to use, like trying to eat ramen with crayon nubbin.

You need a chain tool with big handles, and fine, large diameter threads to make the job easy. This breaker will break any chain out there, 12 speeds down to 1 speed. It’s made in Europe and comes in a fun Ketchup Safari colorway.

A lifetime tool. If you snap the chain breaker pin, you can replace it. As easy to use as the best chain breaker’s we’ve used, and not as spendy as some.