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Unior Cassette Lockring Tool with 12mm Guide


Ohh look at you, you’ve got a fancy 12mm thru axle hub. Well la-di-da. Let’s all stand up and clap. Oh wait. They’re actually really cool, these thru axle hubs. I’m a big fan, and all of the Tanglefoot frames ONLY feature 12mm rear thru axles. Not cause I’m a band wagon guy, they’re just smart, and smart things… Whatever. This tool is made to not slip around in a 12mm axle when you’re pulling the cassette off or puttin’ a new one. Combine with the UNIOR CRESCENT WRENCH for maximum certitude, and if you’re removing the cassette, it pairs nicely with a 1903 Chateu Lafite and the Pedro’s locking not a chain whip. Made in the land of beer spas.