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Unior Cable Housing Cutters


Most cable housing cutters are hot garbage. Or cold garbage if it's winter. Bad housing cutters lose their edge with a quickness, have crummy ergonomics, and get jammed open like a hair salon in Texas during a pandemic. Not good. Side note, has anyone seen Ted Cruz’s fat Elvis hair program recently? What’s he going for there? He needs these housing cutters. Really, anything would be better for addressing that situation than what is currently being used. Ok but what about these housing cutters?

They’re almost as good as Felco cutters, at almost half the cost. Fine and then some for anyone who does bike work for a living, and more than fine enough for mom’s ‘turn down that racket!’ basement bike shop antics. These are the best cutters going that are under 100 bucks, and they’ll last many-a cut. They say housing cutter, but be a rebel and use them on cables too. Works great! Nice clean cuts, unlike that weirdo Tom Cruz. Do you remember when he ate that booger on live TV?


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