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Unior 7x8mm Open End Combination Wrench


This here wrench can be used on any 7 or 8mm nut, but it excels as a macchiato stirring stick, no wait, don’t do that, because what it’s really good for is the bleed port on your disc brakes. Cause that little bastard has a hose sticking out of it, and that makes it hard to get a good grab upon it. This tool slips right around that hose, and makes it easy to grab that nut, securely, without rounding it off like a common rounder.

It’s imperative to NOT stir your coffee with this tool, cute as it is, after you have bleed a disc brake. Cause you could die. Which is why I am working on a non dairy creamer disc brake fluid in hazelnut flavor (for downhill use) and Irish cream, (for gravel bikes).

Then you will be able to use the tool for both.. But until that day… don’t.

Made by Unior out of NOS Yugos.