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Transparent Fountain Pens



Read the cheap but great fountain pen write up first!

Why do these look so great? I keep hoping the folks at the bank will notice my fly pen situation, but no dice. I feel like I should be a traveling salesman selling life insurance to disaffected housewives named Phyllis when I use this pen. Keep me away from trains when you see me with it! 10 bonus points if you get that reference.

Small but not tiny, these are great writers. The nib is sorta medium fine, and the ink flows nicely. No scratchy vibe, even with cheap paper. Perfect pen to stick in your shirt pocket, or to sign the check with at the restaurant, even though you’ve been dating her for 4 years and still go dutch. Fill these with a little cute pot of ink. One fill will go about a week of lots o’ writing. Pen comes sans ink.