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Topo Designs Small Bar Bag



The Topo Designs  small handlebar bag is perfect fit for 3 snickers bars, 6 different flavors of chapstick, your wallet and house keys and phone.  Padded a bit, so things won’t sag in the bag, or beat endlessly against your bars.  Shower proof, not waterproof.  Gotta cell phone?  Stick it in a ziplock if its’ gunna pour.  Dangle the bag from your bars or a Hobo Pieces Restuvus.  Great for gravel or touring bikes, not per se ideal for mountain bike set ups, as it will jiggle a bit too much.  Cut as all get out.  

The bag has little webbing loops, so you can rig a strap to it and carry it around like a snickers purse.  As one does.