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Topo Designs Quick Pack



The Quick Pack Hip Pack is the perfect commuter bike / long hike hip pack for your knicknacks and paddywhacks.  Too big for singletrack riding, but great for non-techy riding when you need to bring a fair amount of kit, and don’t have a rack or big bag on your bike.  I love a hip pack for s24o camping, where you keep your headlamp, fire starter stuff, basic camp kit in there, along with a down sweater, so when you get to camp you can get cracking on the fire while keeping warm and not stubbing your toe on a rock.  

This bag is sizeable, big enough for aforementioned kit, plus a first aid kit, Sawyer filter, and a Hohner harmonic (tuned to C of course).  

Comes with a shoulder strap, for big loads or just using it like a musette.  Front pocket has two inner pockets to keep your wallet and phone.  Inner big pocket has inner pocket as well, big enough for a small first aid kit.