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Topo Designs Mountain Hip Pack


You know how some people hate the word moist?  And curly?  I hate the word fanny.  Nothing reminds me more of shopping with my grandmother than that word.  She was nice, but shopping with grandparents is best avoided unless you are at the book sale and they’re buying.  Oh wouldn’t these nice taupe dungarees look good?  The pleat is very adult.  Wouldn’t this sand colored pair of trousers look handsome?  I bet you’d like these beige velcro shoes!  Perhaps this tan sports jacket.  It’s like moving to Florida burned your eyes so you could only see whites and tans without getting a headache.  

Anyway, let’s avoid the word fanny pack.  It’s truly awful.  Butt pack isn’t exactly good either.  Tushy is also terrible.  Rump pack is out.  Tookus is out.  Arse pack.  Really, they should only be called hip packs, if you have a modicum of self respect.    If you don’t, I recommend Tookus Pack, just to kinda throw people.  Or Tookus Sack.  

What are hip packs good for?  Heck if I know. 

Wait, no, they’re super handy.  I prefer them for sub 3 hour day hikes, over a backpack.  Good size for snack, wind breaker, first aid kit, and if you are riding, you can stuff all your tools in there too.  The Topo Alpine Hip Pack has a shock cord on the face of it, so you can carry your lazy partner’s jacket.  

Small enough to ride on technical singletrack.