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Teravail Rutland 27.5 x 2.1 and 650b x 47

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In 1999 we would have called these all condition XC tires.  Nowadays, they’re gravel tires.  Let’s channel 1983 Ross catalogs and rebrand them ATB tires.  

Rutland, aka Rutvegas, is a town 25 minutes north of East Poultney, our fair village.  You can get there almost entirely by dirt road, or on one of the 3 highways in the state.  No billboards.  In Rutland you will find a nice little Co-op, a decent record shop, a fine used book store, a bad burrito place, and CJ Sud’s South, which is a very clean dive bar next to the bowling alley that we are fond of.  

It’s a fine place to name a tire after and we are glad the overlords a QBP have taken notice and named this Teravail thusly. 

The Teravail Rutland features wide spaced, shortish knobs.  It’s good for looser conditions, like soft dirt, freshly graded gravel, snow mobile trails, loamy singletrack.  It won’t win any speed records on hard dirt or pavement, but it’s not like dragging a boat anchor around either.  We like this tire for mud season and shoulder seasons in general, but if you live somewhere the trails are a bit gooey all year round, this might be the ticket.  

Pairs well with a trip to Terrace lanes, a pitcher of Switchback, and size 8 bowling shoes.  

700c 38mm, 42mm, 47mm, or 2.2"

650b 47mm or 2.1"

All black or black with tan sidewalls

Light and supple ($65 each) or durable casing ($70 Each)