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Tanglefoot Jim Gnar Water Transporter


Designed in the 1800’s, then redesigned by our friend Dustin, this Jim tribute bottle pays homage to the old seal on Republic of Vermont coins, pressed before Vermont joined the union. It also tips a hat to Tanglefoot’s philosophy about how progress should be made. These bottles are perfect for filling with the finest 'shine and heading off to a really boring meeting. No one will suspect that you’d be that blatant to put booze in a bottle with a booze label on it, so you’ll be in the clear. Until you pass out face down on your laptop and start snoring. Then maybe they’ll know.

Specialized Purist bottle, 22oz. No terrible plastic taste. These don’t leak, unless of course, you leave the top open.

Tanglefoot Cycles is a budding bicycle brand, we're currently in the prototyping phase for many products, but getting really close! Give Tanglefoot a follow to stay in the loop as progress is made. Until the TF webstore is launched these bottles are only available here or at the Analog Cycles shop.