Specialities TA Carmina Crank Arms

Size:155mm Silver

These days, in the age of auto tune, and Avengers movies with increasingly ridiculous names (Avengers: Infinity X Infinity Wars 2), and John Bolton’s secret war on front derailleurs, it’s hard to find a good triple crankset. Heck. It’s hard to find a good double crankset. And it’s even harder to find either of those if you want to use a square taper bottom bracket.

Square taper bottom brackets are not evil. They are not stupid, retro grouchy or silly. If you are not really mountain biking, a square taper bottom bracket and crankset will hold up for ages. As long as a splined unit will. The bearings usually last longer. They’re easier to make. There is lower bearing drag. All positive things. Four folks make nice square taper cranks these days. Rivendell (Silver), Middleburn, Sugino and TA. The TA Carmina is a handsome, strong crankset.  The TA Carmina is rad ‘cause it has a replaceable spider. The finish is nice too! We sell the Carmina in a bunch of lengths.. It’s a good looking crank. It comes stock with pedal washers and auto extractors, both of which are nice little touches.

Spiders are available in 110 and 94 BCDs, double and triple sizes. They also make 130 and 104, but those sizes are not as handy as the 110 or 94 sizes. We sell the spiders with the spider lockring.

Carmina cranks are designed for road, gravel or touring bikes with tires under 2”.

 Generally speaking, use a 107 a 110 bottom bracket spindle for a double, and a 116 or 118 for a triple. Go wider if you have bigger tires.  

If you just need a new length Carmina crank arm set, snag it here.  If you need to know all of the other parts necessary to build out a full Carmina crankset, start here.  You'll wind up back here, but you wanna start at the beginning to make sure you find all the parts needed.  

Crank arm length:

My rule of thumb as a bike fitter is something like this.  Most folks are riding cranks that are too long, and in the end, that extra length can hurt your knees.  The more your knee bends at the top of the pedal stroke, the harder that pedaling motion is on your knees.  Crank length has very little to do with 'leverage'.  Your femur is the principal lever, not the crank arm, and your femur is way longer than your cranks.  

General length guidelines based on Pubic bone height ranges in centimeters:

  • 90+ 177mm if you really want them and don't have a really low bottom bracket
  • 85-90cm: 175mm
  • 83-85cm:  172.5 at the longest.  Try 170's!  
  • 80-83cm.  170mm
  • 75-80: 165mm
  • 70-75: 160mm or 155mm.

Head to the spinder page after you've picked your arms out!    


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